DTG Printing - The Latest in T Shirt Printing

DTG Printing – The Latest in T Shirt Printing

There are a few options when it comes to choosing the type of Singapore shirt printing you want to use. But if you are looking at what are the most popular options then that would be screen printing, because of its affordability, and then the latest development in garment printing, DTG or Direct to Garment printing. Screen printing has genuinely been around in different versions for thousands of years and is fast and as mentioned affordable. But if you are looking for better quality printing, more colors in use and being able to print a highly detailed image, then you want DTG. Here is a closer look.

DTG uses an inkjet printer

When you choose DTG you get a printing option where the printed item feels just like the garment did before being printed upon. This is unlike some other methods where a change happens to the material. It uses an inkjet printer just like your regular printer does but it is larger and prints onto garments not paper. The technology is not that expensive, it is the ink that is what pushes the cost of DTG t shirt printing Singapore up.

The early years of DTG

When the technology was first out there were some issues, and they are something that people still think should put them off. In fact, they are no longer as much of a problem. Early on the printing method was only for white and light-colored shirts and garments. But now the technology has changed and gotten better so that it is possible to print on darker shirts but the cost goes up because of the ink involved.

Considering the expense of DTG

As mentioned the cost when it comes to DTG Singapore shirt printing is with the ink. If you are printing on dark garments it uses more ink so the cost goes up. If you need a bulk order then you need to use more ink and again that price goes even higher. Production costs of DTG printed shirts can be high and that can put some people off. Not all printing companies offer DTG printing, and not all of those who have it, offer DTG on dark-colored shirts just because of the ink it takes. If it is what you are set upon though you can do it, and there are good things about this printing, it is high quality, you can print photos and highly detailed images and use lots of colors.

Bulk orders need more time

Another thing to consider when looking at your choices for t shirt printing Singapore is if you do want to order in bulk and you are ready to pay for it, you still also need to allow for additional time at the printers. This process takes longer than screen printing, which when once set up is pretty quick. On average a printing service can print about 10 garments an hour so you will need to give your order with plenty of time in advance.

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