Can You Tell Me How to Choose the Best Lens?

Our eyes may just be a little part of our body, yet they have a huge influence on how we are seen by others. In addition to enhancing your inherent beauty, coloured contact lenses allow you to express yourself nonverbally. After all, they say that a person’s eyes reveal their true personality.

Normal Attire

Use monthly lenses if you need to wear coloured contacts to work or school every day since it might become pricey to buy new lenses every month. This is why monthly lenses are the best option for those who wish to use dark brown contacts on a regular basis. Picking up a pair of contact lenses that not only enhances your eyes’ look but also gives you a sense of confidence should be your top priority. Choose a shade that’s similar to your natural eye colour but has a stronger hue but narrower diameter. An example of this is as follows:

To have eyes that are dark

If you want to seem natural when out shopping or having breakfast with friends, opt with a hue that is not too different from your eye colour. Makeup should be applied in this manner while going to less formal gatherings. Makeup artists recommend using shades of light brown or hazel if your eyes are already a dark colour. A pair of glasses with a little less opaque tint for a different shade may be chosen so that the colour does not reveal too much. Just placing oneself in the thick of things in brown contacts will guarantee that you have little to no impact whatsoever.

Shining eyes

If your eyes are already pale, you may get the same effect by selecting a shade that is somewhat darker. Use green contacts, for instance, if you naturally have blue eyes. Use it with a little amount of a complementary shade to highlight your eyes’ inherent beauty. Choosing the dark brown contacts  is essential here.

Festivities and Events of a Particular Kind

Darker, larger-diameter colours will make your eyes seem bigger and more expressive. You may get your desired appearance with this. Blue, green, and purple are very flattering to those with dark complexion. Particularly if you have a darker skin tone, bright colours may accentuate your eyes’ natural beauty.

Making a decision depending on how you are attired

When you put in coloured contacts, your eyes may create a style statement of their own. Putting in coloured contacts that match the tones of your dress might be a quick and easy way to finish off your look if you’re wearing an all-black ensemble.


When it comes to matching your eyewear to the rest of your outfit, brown lenses are your best bet since they work with just about everything. Opt for the hazel brown contacts there. You can get away with wearing contacts of practically any shape or colour if they are hazel in colour if you want your eyes to pop. The two colours look best with warm tones, but they also complement neutral tones.


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