Balayage Hair Trend: Why is it so Popular?

Balayage Hair Trend: Why is it so Popular?

There are so many hair color trends these days. One of the trendiest is “balayage.” Those who have seen this understand why it’s so well-loved by many, especially women with long hair. Want to know what balayage is and why it’s so popular? Then read on to learn more about balayage. 

What is a “Balayage?”

“Balayage” or “bayaler” in French means ‘to sweep.’ When incorporated in hair, this term refers to how the color is applied and not the color itself. It simply is the technique of painting the color onto the hair, making the highlights look more natural.  So compared to the common highlights, balayage looks less stripey. Since the color is hand-painted, the highlights stands out while keeping its natural look. 

Balayage: Why so Popular?

There are plenty of reasons why most women prefer to have a balayage. And for those who want to give in to this trend, here are the reasons why it’s so popular for women from all across the globe. 

Requires Less Maintenance

Balayage is easier to maintain compared to other hair color styles. Simply because the roots are still looking natural and does not look unkempt. This means that bayalage orlando will require less time and money for touch ups. This also reduces the damage being done to the hair. 

Customizable Depending on Style Preference

Each balayage is different. It can be personalized depending on the clients’ preferences. Every person’s hair color, texture, and length is unique. And all these are important in determining the placement, graduation, and color of the balayage. The stylist can help their clients determine what’s the best option that fits their skin tone and natural base color. 

The Latest Trend

One good reason why balayage is so popular these days is because it’s the latest trend. Even the biggest Holywood stars are doing it. It’s what fans see on their idols. So naturally, this quickly became a growing trend. And now, it’s one of the highly sought after hair color application all across the globe. 

Balayage: Who is it For?

The question now is, can anyone do balayage? It’s so trendy so there is no doubt that many would want to give it a try. And yes, anyone can have balayage. Any hair texture and color can have balayage. In fact, even for those with dark or kinky hair can try out these natural-looking highlights. 

Find a Trusted Hair Salon in Orlando

Anyone can have balayage, but that doesn’t mean that it can be easily done at home. It may look simple, but it’s easier said than done. It is best to get a balayage done at a trusted hair salon. Here, There are experts and hair stylists who knows what they are doing. 

For those who are in Orlando can visit Privé Salon. They have knowledgeable and experienced staff, and the proper tools for a balayage. So it is advised not to try it at home unless you have the skills and get a balayage done properly. 

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