Achieve A Total Hair Transformation In Dallas

The hair shows how the person looks. If you have a chicky hairstyle, you are considered girly chic, but if you have that short haircut, you are defined as a presentable and elegant woman with clean-cut hair.

However, how about those who have dry and frizzy hair? Which hairstyle fits them? If your hair is frizzy or dry, do you think you are still presentable to see? If you have the same hair problems, it is time to check the Dallas salon services and choose what is best for your hair type.

Keratin treatment

Keratin treatment is also called Brazilian blowout, a chemical procedure done in a salon that makes hair look straighter for six months. It can add intense glossy shine to the hair and reduce frizz. Keratin is a structural protein that can strengthen the hair and lessen breakage. Hair breakage can make the hair look messy and sometimes they describe it as a bird’s nest.

Keratin treatment is more than good for the hair. It helps the hair grow faster and the hair ends to prevent it from breaking or splitting. Hair splitting or split ends can make the hair look dry. To protect it from happening to the hair, the keratin treatment helps protect every hair strand from splitting from the roots to the end.

Brazilian blowout treatment

Brazilian hair straightening is considered a semi-permanent straightening method, which is done by temporarily sealing the liquid solution that consists of formaldehyde derivative and preservative solution in the hair with a hair iron. When asking how long the Brazilian blowout lasts, provided you don’t use shampoos containing sulfates and chlorine, the treatment must last anywhere from 3 to 4 months.

It is possibly lighter if you don’t need to wash the hair as regularly as some. After it wears off, the hair returns to its natural curl pattern.

Reparative hair treatment

Reparative hair treatment penetrates deep into the tresses to help rebuild the bonds and strengthen the locks. If you are currently growing out the hair, the reparative protein treatment helps heal the split ends and allows you to stretch out the time between trims, achieving longer hair faster.

Using the reparative hair mask helps repair or reconstruct the hair for extremely damaged hair. The intensive deep conditioning treatment will repair and reconstruct the hair fiber. It is the best hair mask for damaged hair bleach or heat.

Formaldehyde free treatment

Concentrations of Methylene Glycol in the hair straightening product reach up to 9.6%, which is much higher than the limit set for the formaldehyde. Formaldehyde can be an irritant, so the application must be done by an expert doing the hair treatment. The high level of effectiveness of this free treatment has been loved and patronized by many people.

When it comes to total hair transformation, you must check the different Dallas salon services for everyone’s hair care needs.

Your hair mirrors yourself! It is best to provide proper hair care and treatment to stay confident.

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