What to consider when selecting a wedding photo booth package?

A wedding photo booth is becoming an increasingly popular addition to wedding receptions. It provides a fun, interactive activity for guests and results in some great casual photos the couple enjoys looking back on. With so many companies now offering photo booth rentals, there’s a lot to consider when selecting your package. 

Booth size

Photo booths come in a variety of sizes, with some designed for 2-4 people and others that accommodate larger groups. Decide how many guests you’d like to be able to fit into the frame at one time. The size of the booth required often depends on whether you’re planning to use it purely for portraits of couples and small groups or if you’d also like large groups of friends to be able to pile in together to get shots. Most photo booth companies provide various themed backdrops and fun accessories for guests to pose with. These include everything from colorful feather boas to fancy hats and masks. Peruse all your options and select some backdrops and props that fit in with your wedding theme and overall style. Simple additions like these go a long way toward making the experience even more enjoyable.

Digital copies  

You’ll need to decide whether you’d like guests to receive digital copies of their photo booth pictures or printed strips. Getting both is another option, albeit a more expensive one. Printed strips are a nice wedding favor for guests to take home. However, with digital copies, you’re able to obtain all the footage to share with absent friends and family or include in your wedding video. Think about what timing would work best for the photo booth to maximize guest enjoyment. Most packages provide 2-4 hour rentals. You generally want the booth open during the liveliest dancing portion of the evening when all your guests are present to mingle and let loose. If your reception involves a lot of scheduled events like lengthy meal services and speeches, having the booth open for the duration means some periods of idle time. In that case, you’re better off choosing fewer hours during the peak party times.

Unlimited prints vs. Set number  

For printed strips, most companies offer packages that either provide unlimited prints or have a set number included, with options to purchase more prints a la carte if required. Depending on the size of your guest list and how popular you expect the booth to be, decide if unlimited makes more sense or if you’re comfortable setting a print number limit. The Snap Booth Wedding Photo Booth companies will stay and monitor the booth throughout the rental while others simply deliver the equipment and leave you in charge. 

If opting for a do-it-yourself booth without an attendant present, make sure you appoint a tech-savvy friend or family member to manage any issues that arise. Having an attendant there not only makes the experience smoother but also encourages guests to put the booth to use. Nowadays most photo booths sync up to social platforms like Facebook and Instagram so guests instantly share their new pictures. If this social connectivity matters to you, check that the booth service offers it. Some even display a live Instagram-like photo feed of all the photo booth pictures captured throughout the event for guests to scroll through.  


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