Varieties Of Purple Roses

Purple roses or commonly referred to as lavender roses are synonymous with noble life which is closely related to luxury. In ancient times, this rose was used as a symbol to honor the nobility in the West. Some interpret it as love at first sight. All feelings of awe, curiosity, and mystery are represented by this unique color so it is suitable to be given to people who make us interested but find it difficult to express our feelings.

Roses often mean love. However, as is known, each color of the rose has a different meaning. One of them is purple roses or also known as mystical roses. Because it gives the impression of nobility, elegant charm, and majesty.

Purple roses can come in a variety of colors, such as light purple and dark purple, or a combination of the two. In general, light purple roses mean love at first sight and true love.

Meanwhile, dark purple or darker shades are interpreted as long-term love and romance. The purple rose category includes lilac, blue, plum, and lavender colors. Purple roses are a hybrid of European standard roses with varieties introduced from China.

This you should know so that you are not wrong in giving gifts to friends or partners. So that there is no misunderstanding from the recipient of the meaning behind the purple rose color.

Especially when you’re making your choice for Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to keep in mind the symbolism of each color of the rose. Apart from purple, maybe you can look up the meaning of each of the other rose colors. So you can easily choose the rose that has the most symbolism for your friends, family, and loved ones.

Meaning of Purple Rose

In general, purple roses represent charm, splendor, magic, and mystery, making the meaning of this rose very inspiring. Launching from the Flower Glossary, purple roses can represent love and mystical charm. If the purple rose has no thorns, it symbolizes love at first sight.

Lighter shades of purple will symbolize love at first sight as well as true love. While a darker purple color will indicate a deeper love and romance and hope for the long term.

The representation of the purple rose is love at first sight. For those of you who are unable to express your feelings of admiration and fascination, purple roses are the most appropriate medium to express your romantic feelings. The purple color of a rose is also interpreted as a graceful splendor.

Purple Rose Varieties

Purple roses have varieties with unique names, including Midnight Blue, Tradescant, Hansa, and Lavender Lassie.

Deep purple roses like ‘Ebb Tide’ and ‘Twilight Zone’ are rarely planted in gardens, but stand out more than classic red roses. Dark roses like purple and burgundy do best when they get some late-afternoon shade. Direct afternoon sunlight can dry out the petals, which causes the edges to darken and curl. Keep in mind that most roses marketed as “blue” are actually purple or violet roses. Certain lighting situations or companion plantings can help bring out the blue or silver tones of a purple rose.

Origin of Purple Rose

There really is no purple rose in its purest sense. Purple roses first appeared in the 1800s. As a hybrid of standard European roses with rose varieties introduced from China.

So the purple rose is not real. Because it comes from cross-hybridizing roses of other colors, generally from white and pink roses and sometimes red. Even so, some purple roses do exist in the wild and can grow naturally. This cross-hybridization or breeding allows for more unique patterns and colors. These include lilac or lavender, dark purple, and burgundy roses.

How to Buy Purple Roses Singapore

As is known, almost all cities around the world have many flower shops that sell them online. Even in Singapore, we can get flowers easily, and purple roses are no exception.

The first advantage of buying flowers online is that you can save more money on buying flower arrangements. Since you don’t need to visit a physical store, buying flowers online will also save you money because you don’t have to pay a fee to come to the store. You may be surprised at the amount of money you can save when buying flowers online.

One of the biggest advantages of buying flowers online is the time it takes to place an order until your order can be shortened. You can order in minutes so you can save your precious time. When you choose to buy flowers online, you don’t have to change your daily routine just to buy flowers. This means you can still get fresh flowers without having to sacrifice your work/quality time with your family.

Either you are very busy or you are forgetful but if you forget the birthday of your loved one then there is no reason and time for that. It may take more than one bouquet of flowers if it is your lover’s birthday. Don’t worry because online florists are always there and can deliver a bouquet that could save you within a day.

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