A Fashionable Winter Is Around The Corner!

Winter is the time when people get dressed up to stay warm and look fashionable. But the best part of winter is winter wear, isn’t it? It not only makes us fashionable but also cosy and safe. Jackets are essential to everyone’s wardrobe, and thus we want to familiarise you with the many available types, including bomber jacket, denim and leather.  This article will help you choose the perfect coat or jacket from a variety and styles according to the rest of your clothing and the occasion. So continue reading without further ado because it’s time to start stacking!

Types of jackets that are ideal for women

Denim jackets  

When we talk about basics and daily wear, it’s nearly always assumed that you already own at least one denim jacket owing to its versatility. You can pair denim jackets with dresses, gowns, jeans, and shirts. Denim jackets that are cropped, white, luminous, sleeveless, and trendy are all quite common. So don’t hesitate to buy another in a different style if you already own one! And if you don’t already have one, it’s time to go shop one. 

Bomber jackets 

Bomber jackets are the perfect addition for your jacket collection this winter. They are contemporary, stylish and will keep you warm through the season. Available in various colours and patterns, these jackets go with anything you can think of, including pencil skirts, tattered jeans, maxi skirts, and shorts, making them a perfect addition to your outfits. 

Leather jackets  

Leather jackets are the perfect choice to look cool yet keep your outfit casual. This outfit is for you if you want to look fashionable but don’t want to put a lot of effort into it. More styles than we could need are available, and they are all equally attractive whether they are snapped, zipped, open, or belted. The most popular coat colour is black, but there are also stylish choices in brown, red, and grey.

How to style women’s jackets?

Using a belt

When worn with a chic belt, some sophisticated clothing pieces, like office-friendly jackets, wrap coats, trench coats, dresses, and summery women’s jackets, look great. Especially if the fabric, design, and colour of the belt is a match to that of the jacket. 

Creating a contrast

Creating a visual contrast between the jacket and the other fashionable items is another gorgeous and aesthetically acceptable approach to wearing women’s coats. Combining opposite colours and various fabric types can create that kind of contrast. First, choose a piece of clothing you want to draw attention to, then style the jacket, the rest of the items, and the accessories accordingly in complementary colours. For instance, pair leather with neutral-coloured cotton apparel or denim with bright-coloured clothing. What a great way to stand out in a crowd while doing it right!

Pair it up with sneakers

Women’s outdoor jackets and sneakers paired together make for absolutely stylish outfits ! There are very few jacket styles that appear strange with sneakers. Pair a sporty chic pair of sneakers with casual leather, denim, bomber jackets, coats, and blazers, you can feel cosy and prepared for trips, casual outings or even a casual Friday!

We suggest sticking with plain, monochrome black or white sneakers with low, flat platforms for the best looks with business-casual women’s coats. However, if you want streetwear or an everyday look, change your look by wearing your favourite oversized jacket and a pair of daring, chunky sneakers in vibrant colours and exciting details.

Are you trying to improve your fashion game and are looking for a statement piece to layer or add to your outfit? Do not worry; up your fashion game with the above-mentioned pieces and make a statement. Shop at Vero Moda for these and several other styles and watch yourself slay this season!




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